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Accident Investigations
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Background Checks
Bug Sweeps
Computer Database Searches
Counter Surveillance 
Domestic Investigations
Employee Theft
Explosion Investigations
Fire Investigations
Interviews and statements
Locate Services
Missing Persons
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Want to know what the children do
on your computer when you are not around?
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Data Base Searches

With access to numerous computer data banks nationwide, information can be accessed for your investigation quickly and with the necessary discretion.  Many results are available in under five minutes!  We conduct databank searches in the following areas:

     Address searches
     Asset searches (boats, airplanes, etc.)
     Bankruptcies liens and judgments
     Corporations and partnerships
     Criminal and Civil court records
     Neighbor inquiries
     Phone number & address checks
     Professional license checks
     Social Security number checks
     Workers' Compensation records
     Many more available upon request

Do you need to discretely monitor your computer?
In this high paced world of technology computer security is extremely important.  You need to know what is being done on YOUR computer. Are your children in danger from internet stalkers? Are your employees stealing company time?

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